If and when the acceptance tests establish the Software delivered upon completion of any phase of 
development complies with the acceptance criteria, Customer shall promptly notify Developer that it 
accepts the delivered Software.  
Developer shall provide [NUMBER] days of training in the use of the Software by at least one (but not 
more than [MAXIMUM NUMBER OF TRAINERS]) qualified Developer personnel ("trainers"). The training 
will be conducted on such dates and locations as the parties may agree. 
Customer will be responsible for all costs and expenses of all Customer's trainees, including room, board, 
transportation, salary, insurance and other benefits, and other expenses while attending the training.  
Customer shall pay Developer the sum of [AMOUNT] for each [HOUR/DAY] of training by each trainer, 
plus each trainer's travel expenses.  
Beginning on the first day of the first month following expiration of the warranty period set forth in the 
section of this Agreement entitled "Warranties," Developer shall provide the following error-correction and 
support services: 

A. Telephone hot-line support during Developer's normal days and hours of business operation. 

Such support shall include consultation on the operation and utilization of the Software. 
Customer shall be responsible for all telephone equipment and communication charges 
related to such support; and 


B. Error correction services, consisting of Developer using all reasonable efforts to design, code 

and implement programming changes to the Software, and modifications to the 
documentation, to correct reproducible errors therein so that the Software is brought into 
substantial conformance with the Specifications. 

Customer shall pay Developer for error-correction and support services the annual sum of [AMOUNT], 
payable in quarterly installments beginning on the first day of the first month following expiration of any 
warranty period. Three years after the date of Customer's final acceptance of the Software, Developer 
shall be entitled to increases in the maintenance fee upon at least [NUMBER] days' prior written notice to 
The provision of the error-correction and support services described above shall be expressly contingent 
upon Customer promptly reporting any errors in the Software or related documentation to Developer in 
writing and not modifying the Software without Developer's written consent. 
Subject to timely payment by Customer of the maintenance fees, Developer shall offer the maintenance 
described above for a minimum of [NUMBER] years after completion of the development work under this