All cancellation of orders by Distributor shall be in writing, or if not initially in writing, shall be confirmed in 
writing. If Distributor cancels an order, which has been accepted by Company, Distributor shall reimburse 
Company for any cost incident to such order incurred by Company prior to the time it was informed of the 
The prices for Products, and any discounts applicable thereto, are set forth in Schedule G. All prices are 
F.O.B. the Delivery Point. If the price for any Product is not set forth on Schedule G and Distributor 
nevertheless orders such a Product from Company, the parties hereby evidence their intention thereby to 
conclude a contract for the sale of that Product at a reasonable price to be determined by the Parties 
mutually negotiating in good faith.  
Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change prices or discounts applicable to the 
Products. Company shall give written notice to Distributor of any price change at least [NUMBER] days 
prior to the effective date thereof. The price in effect as of the date of Distributor's receipt of notice of such 
price change shall remain applicable to all orders received by Company prior to that effective date. 
Company shall, at its expense, pack all Products in accordance with Company's standard packing 
procedure, which shall be suitable to permit shipment of the Products to the Territory; provided, however, 
that if Distributor requests a modification of those procedures, Company shall make the requested 
modification and Distributor shall bear any reasonable expenses incurred by Company in complying with 
such modified procedures which are in excess of the expenses which Company would have incurred in 
following its standard procedures.  
All deliveries of Products sold by Company to Distributor pursuant to this Agreement shall be made 
F.O.B. the Delivery Point, and title to and risk of loss of Products shall pass from Company to Distributor 
at the Delivery Point. Distributor shall be responsible for arranging all transportation of Products, but if 
requested by Distributor, Company shall, at Distributor's expense, assist Distributor in making such 
arrangements. Distributor shall also procure insurance for the transportation of the Products, and such 
insurance shall be of a kind and on terms current at the port of shipment. In the event that Company is 
requested to assist Distributor in arranging for transportation, Distributor shall reimburse Company 
for all costs applicable to the Products following their delivery to Distributor, including, without limitation, 
insurance, transportation, loading and unloading, handling and storage. Distributor shall pay all charges, 
including customs duty and sales tax, incurred with respect to the Products following their Delivery to the 
carrier or forwarder.